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With major infrastructure schemes such as Thames Water’s Super Sewer Tideway, HS2 and the planned Heathrow 2nd Runway expansion representing just a few of the major site evaluation projects currently underway, Infotec are uniquely positioned to enable the protection of critical underground utility assets.

World leading three dimensional infrastructure mapping surveys performed using the most advanced range of robotic, submersible and now amphibious mobilisation systems enable us to perform the most accurate surveys without the risks traditionally faced performing manual surveys. With capabilities of surveying infrastructure over many miles from a single point of entry, we have the most advanced survey opportunities available anywhere.

The vast quantity and range of survey information that can now be collected enables for the first time reliable and error free change recognition. Pre and Post condition survey and monitoring during more sensitive or higher risk projects are set to change the way all projects are surveyed in future.

By creating a 3D point cloud digital “Point Cloud” replica of any surveyed pipe, culvert, duct sewer or tunnel, in fact of any type of underground structure, this provides baseline data, enabling subsequent surveys to be overlaid facilitating undeniable comparison.

Visualisation opportunities performed using exactly the same point cloud data again will change the way that defects are defined and monitored moving forward. Subsequent deterioration can be immediately identified and the extent of deterioration measured, allowing effective engineering decisions to be taken regarding urgent remediation.

Latest News
Please note that with immediate effect, Infotec Surveys have moved office and all contact numbers have changed, and the office telephone numbers and new address are as provided below.

Unfortunately, due to a previously unknown problem at our former offices, it has been impossible to port over our telephone and fax number. Every attempt will be made to reinstate or divert these numbers as quickly as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will continue to do everything possible to minimise disruption and revert to normal operations as swiftly as possible.

Infotec's unique survey capabilities facilitate yet another £190 million major development project at Mount Pleasant Post Office in Farringdon, London
More and more sites which had previously been rejected due to significant Building Over problems, are now being reconsidered as a result of Infotec Surveys world leading 3D mapping capabilities.
Eliminating unseen risks faced by Designers and Developers whilst maximising valuable Real Estate opportunities
It is almost a daily occurrence that somewhere throughout the UK, either a sewer, culvert, critical pipeline, service tunnel or duct is damaged or compromised as a result of a new construction scheme. Build-over applications frequently result in costly design changes and the resulting loss of potential revenue, when restrictions are placed on valuables areas or pathways passing through a proposed development site.
Infotec are long standing specialists in the field of underground infrastructure mapping and have pioneered a range of unique robotic and submersible surveying systems that for the very first time provide an accurate and definitive 3D model of any offending infrastructure passing under a site. Accurate information is achieved at any depth, over previously impossible distances, and achieving a quality of data that allows our clients the opportunity to realise an otherwise impossible outcome.
Infotec successfully completes its first order of Flusher systems to New Zealand
Infotec are delighted to have shipped and successfully delivered their first consignment of Flusher Phase 1 and Phase 2 Flushers to New Zealand for use in the Christchurch area.
The systems are to be used in a 3-6 month trial of Flushers to reduce sedimentation
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